Whatipu Walk

We’ve checked off another amazing tramp in the Waitakeres. Located in the southern part of the park, Whatipu is a true gem. We combined a few different tracks in the region to give us both a climb on a ridge overlooking the bay, plus a walk through a covered forest – a lengthy trail for maximum calorie burn before indulging in a friend’s birthday celebration.


Whatipu was a recommendation from a co-worker – and even pulling into carpark we could tell it was a solid one. We started in valley between bright green hills, and headed uphill on Omanawanui Track. After a scramble up rocks on a near vertical incline, we arrived at the most amazing lookout point. The iconic bench was occupied, so we improvised and took glamour shots elsewhere.



After we rounded the ridge, climbing a few more (less intense) peaks, we crossed a road to connect to the Kura and Puriri Ridge tracks. These are mostly downhill, and a complete change of scenery. It was a welcome change to be shaded from the sun and have a splash through a few streams. But the views were nowhere near as prime as the first half the hike, so we didn’t do a good job of documenting it.

So I’ll just share the pretty ones. Enjoy!



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