Pilgrimage to the American Store & a Thanksgiving Feast

There’s no canned pumpkin in New Zealand. Or green bean casserole-approved fried onions. Or jellied cranberry sauce. And a fresh turkey is pretty hard to come by.

But being away from our families on Thanksgiving for the first time ever, not celebrating at all would have been downright depressing. This meant a trip to the American store to collect the necessary preservative-based ingredients from the good old USA.

Martha’s Backyard:

Yes, there’s an American store called Martha’s Backyard. And it stocks the likes of sugar cereal, candy, chips, and Kraft mac & cheese. Plus delightfully tacky patriotic and seasonal items. (Like the turkey napkins I just had to have!)

Surprisingly, we haven’t been missing most of the items available so were able to control ourselves. Besides Thanksgiving necessities (in a convenient display at the front of the shop), we walked away with only a single bag of Goldfish – which didn’t even survive the hour-long ride home. But for occasions like this, it’s wonderful to have this option.



Here’s our haul – with pricing (in NZD) on the onions for your amusement:



Celebrating Turkey Day on a Saturday:

With a well-stocked pantry and a thawed frozen turkey, we planned a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Saturday. Despite having to work Thursday and Friday, our meal was delicious and well worth the wait. We invited not only fellow Americans, but Kiwi, British and Dutch friends who had never had a meal quite like it. We had a few cancellations due to a bug that’s going around, but still had a great time – and plenty of leftovers!

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