Low Tide Beach Walk to Takapuna

Being surrounded by beaches is the most amazing part of living in Auckland. Cheltenham Beach is already our go-to, with shallow turquoise waters and an unobstructed view of Rangitoto. (We’re seriously spoiled, I know.) Since it’s still spring, the water is a little cold for swimming, but at low tide, you can walk close to a quarter mile (400 meters) out and still be only ankle deep.

And we know that because we started walking out to a sandbar at low tide the other day, and felt like we could walk all the way to Rangitoto (you can’t). It was such a trippy feeling!


We had no concrete plans that day, so decided to take advantage of our lucky timing and walk the tidal path all the way to Takapuna beach by way of Narrow Neck beach. It was pretty cool to be so far below the coastal cliffs, looking up at the mansions with private stairways down to the beach.



I guess Google Maps doesn’t recognize this as a walkway, but you can get an idea of our route South (starting at Cheltenham Beach) to North (ending on the Beach in front of Takapuna), with Rangitoto on our right.


Insider Tip: If you ever do this walk (or just go to Takapuna), you have to treat yourself to an “iced coffee” at Takapuna Beach Cafe. In NZ, that doesn’t mean a simple cold brew – instead, it’s a DIY project mixing a scoop of vanilla gelato, a double espresso and a splash of cold milk. Perfection.



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