Together again! Reunion over Flat Whites

After an amazing East Coast summer, I finally made the big move to Auckland. Boarding a plane on our two year anniversary, I arrived two days later for a belated celebration and a long-awaited reunion. We spent our first day together exploring Devonport’s beaches, tramping trails, and shops with flat whites in hand.


Beaches: We do have a small beach directly across the street from our apartment, which we do realize makes us extremely spoiled. However, if you round Devonport’s peninsula, you reach Cheltenham Beach (.7 miles) and Narrow Neck Beach (1.2 miles). When the tide is out you can walk the coast in between them.

Tramping: This is what Kiwis call hiking. We have a volcanic cone less than half a mile from our front door, which is also a historic reserve trail. North Head‘s trails take you to several beautiful vista points, looking over the Hauraki Gulf to Rangitoto on one side and across to Auckland on the other. There are also military tunnels that take you from side to side. Also less than half a mile from our front door is the trail head for Mount Victoria, which has even better views and photo ops with cute faux toadstools. More on these later!

Shops & Restaurants in Devonport Village: Coffee is a big part of the culture here, meaning it’s normal to have 10 coffeeshops in one little suburb. We poked around a few shops, and ended the day with dinner at Dixie Browns.

Walking around North Head
View of Cheltenham Beach from North Head
Trail at the top of North Head


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